Apple unveils new product, nobody notices!

Yesterday Apple released a video to demonstrate the new MacBook. We can see the production process and get some general information on the new MacBooks. But we also get a glimpse of a new product. No word about it during the keynote, did Apple accidentally showed too much?

By examining the video closely we can get some specs:

It seems that they use the same aluminium for the sides of this table like the MacBook, maybe they recycle the leftovers from the unibody to produce the frame of the table. We can clearly see that the whole surface is a display, a glossy one. No clues about multitouch, but the absence of any mouse/keyboard suggests this. Also, there must be a new sort of collaboration with Starbucks. Maybe these tables will first be introduced at Starbucks, where it lets you place your order right at your table, using the multitouch interface on the table.

Here we can see a status led or battery indicator. This explains why the display is black in the video: the table is not active! Because a table is not that portable at all, a battery would be a rather strange option, so this must be the status indicator.

Here we see something strange: there is a ear bud in the girl’s ear, there is a wire at her elbow, but we cannot clearly see it is plugged into the iPhone… So there must be headphone minijack on this table. This can comes in handy when watching a movie during your meal.

Now for the name of this: iTable, MacTable might be to obvious, or just not… But what if previous rumours were wrong or misinterpreted things: could this be the long awaited ‘TableT’… aha!

At first sight this can be a strange move from Apple to get on the furniture market, but think about it. When you’re eating, you mostly look down, right? Restaurants can show their menus, customers can order trough the touch interface. The colour of the surface can change depending on the time of the day, room, meal, occasion… You can play a game of chess with the person in front of you, the kids can virtually draw on the table and mail it to grandpa when they are ready. The possibilities are endless! Great move Apple, I want one for sure!